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  1. Where can I find information on my state's child support laws?

  2. Who can get help from the child support enforcement agency and what help is available?

  3. Can Guam's child support enforcement agency prepare custody orders?

  4. Must paternity be established prior to receiving child support payments?

  5. Who pays for the genetic testing?

  6. If the non-custodial parent is a minor, can he/she be ordered to pay child support?

  7. How is the child support amount determined?

  8. What is the State Disbursement Unit and what does it do for me?

  9. Where can I pay Child Support payments?

  10. Can a custodial parent receive child support and welfare at the same time?

  11. What is the child support amount per child?

  12. My parents have legal guardianship over my child. Who is obligated to support the child?

  13. Can Social Security benefits be tapped for child support?

  14. Who is responsible for reimbursing welfare?

  15. What can be done if I think that my child support order is unfair?

  16. Are there laws that allow criminal prosecution of parents who owe overdue child support?

  17. My spouse pays child support for a child from a previous relationship. How does that affect us if we have a child of our own?

  18. Do you have information on child support for employers with regard to an employee's wage withholding?

  19. I am an employer. Where can I find information on new hire reporting?

  20. How can child support be payroll-deducted?

  21. What is being done to improve case processing involving more than one state?

  22. When the child turns eighteen, and the non-custodial parent has an arrears balance, is he still obligated to pay his arrears?

  23. The employer is always paying late. What can the child support enforcement agency do to get them to pay on time?

  24. The custodial parent feels that the non-custodial parent's monthly obligation should be increased. How is that done?

  25. The custodial parent has not received payment for some time, and wants to know how to get the non-custodial parent to start paying again.

  26. The custodial parent has not received either the first or second pay period payments. Who should she call for assistance regarding this type of payment inquiries?

  27. A custodial parent receives a check for less than the amount she usually gets. Why would this happen?

  28. A non-custodial parent wants to make a payment for child support, but wants to be assured that the money paid is credited to his case. Where does he go to make a payment and what information is required?

  29. The non-custodial parent wants to know about what he owes as child support arrears. He intends to pay all arrears owed in full. After making full arrears payment, will he still be charged interest?

  30. Can a military disability pension be garnished for non-payment of child support?

  31. A non-custodial parent calls to complain about his tax refund garnishment. The child support enforcement agency has taken the last three years' refunds, but the refunds have never been applied and if applied, his balance would have been paid in full. What will happen?

  32. A non-custodial parent receives a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) indicating his tax refund was offset and given to Guam's child support enforcement agency The non-custodial parent's spouse had not turned in an “innocent spouse” form until after receiving the notice. The non-custodial parent demands half of the tax offset released to his spouse immediately. What will happen?

  33. A non-custodial parent has multiple child support cases. Why is the custodial parent with the oldest child getting more than the custodial parent of the next oldest child?

  34. What is the status of my case?

  35. I requested for a modification of my child support case a few years ago. When can a modification review be performed?

  36. When a child turns 18 years old, but a modification was never done as requested, then what happens?

  37. I'm told that because three years have not yet passed since the court ordered my last child support amount, my case is not yet due for a modification review unless I am able to prove a “substantial change in circumstances.” What does that mean?

  38. The custodial parent is now living together with the non-custodial parent. Can they request their case be closed?

  39. My child will reach the age of 18 soon. When will the wage assignment be terminated?

  40. How often can my case be modified?

  41. A non-custodial parent is providing medical insurance such as through the “Staywell” or “Select Care” plans that have a deductible. That means a certain level of payment must be attained before insurance takes over. Must the custodial parent pay the deductible? What if the custodial parent does not work? How does he/she get the money to pay the deductible?

  42. What can I do if I am not satisfied with my local child support enforcement agency?

  43. A non-custodial parent's employer is not withholding child support from his payroll. How can child support be payroll-deducted?

  44. How do I apply for child support?
  1. If the non-custodial parent is in another U.S. jurisdiction, can I still collect child support?

  2. My child's father will be moving to another U.S. jurisdiction. Can I still have paternity established?
  1. Can a father visit his child?
  1. When the child turns 18 and the non-custodial parent still owes in arrears, will he still be obligated to pay?